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"Aerial views of the city" by Felix Beltrán

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Digital print of Felix Beltrán. (wikipedia)

Edition of 10.

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This publication accompained Ernesto Oroza's participation in the exhibition International Caribbean Triennial. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2010.
La estética del progreso y la desobediencia tecnológica
. Ernesto Oroza
Objetos Moiré. Gean Moreno-Ernesto Oroza
Textos moiré© 2010
Language: Spanish.
1000 copies.
21.5 x 14 cm, 32 pages
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Editing Havana- Stories of Popular Housing

Maja Asaa, Mira Kongstein and Ernesto Oroza
with photographs by Frederikke Friderichsen
ISBN: 9788791984174
Published by Aristo Bogforlag July 2011
17x24 cm, 224p
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Cuba is one of the most densely populated countries in Latin America. A large percentage of the population lives in Havana and the number continuously grows. Paradoxically, the increase of the Cuban population has taken place within the same building mass the city contained in 1959. This is the story about Havana, and how her inhabitants have re-invented their city according to their needs. People have used the city as a framework within which to build and transform their dwellings, and thus Havana continues to develop, in a constant interplay between decay and construction.


Hermès Cravate

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Hermès silk tie designed by Ernesto Oroza and Liliam Dooley. 2010
BUY at Hermès's website (sold out).